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Monday, October 09, 2006

Disney getting into cell phone service

On July 06, 2005, Disney launched cell phone service which targets families. This service is under the Sprint network. This service was specifically created for kids. These mobile phones uses GPS technology in order for the family to locate one another. For more information go to

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Columbus day is Coming!!

Columbus day is October 9, 2006. This will be a 3day weekend for most people. Why not take the kids to the Columbus Day parade? Not only will this be educational but fun also.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Cellular Phones ,Service, Personal Electronics

Top 10 Must Have 4 Kids

1. Cellular phone and Cellular Service- This must have is very important in order to communicate with your kids. In this day in age where it is very hard to find a working pay phone, parents need to keep in constant touch with their children.Most cellular phone service have family or shared plans for the whole family. Plus kids can always keep in touch with their friends.

2. mp3 player- Kids must have their music. With this gadget they are able to put music that they downloaded, albums they purchased, or music recorded from the radio.

3. Portable DvD player- the kids love movies. They are an excellent stress reliever.

4. Personal Email account- I think that this one is very important.My kids love sending their emails to my email account. These email accounts are free and parental permission is needed.

5. Extra income- This is greatly needed for kids. Adding an extra $5-$10 dollars in their allowance for birthday cards and gifts for friends are a must have.

6. Cordless phones with extra base- Most of my phone calls in the evening are for my children. I found purchasing a cordless phone with the extra base allowed my children to have phones in their room. The main base is in my room so that i can monitor when and how long my children are on the phone.

7. Digital Camera- My daughter loves to take pictures. I bought her a digital camera that she takes everywhere.

8. Debit Card or gift cards- The kids love purchasing items online. You can even monitor their spending limits.

9. A parent for horror movies- My kids love horror movies. They are always asking permission to go to these movies but they never have a parent to take them.

10. Last but no least, a blog- This is an online diary, they can vent their frustrations and they can also build their creativity and writing skills.